Week 1: Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em


Go with your guT!

Sit ‘Em

Josh Freeman – Shouldn’t put up the best numbers against a Lions team that has things clicking on both sides of the ball. I’d rather you be bold and take a risk on Colt McCoy.

Jeremy Maclin – See it to believe it! Make sure you know Maclin is up to speed before plugging him in your lineups. He’s been out of camp for a while, teams typically like to bring their players back slowly when they have been out of the mix. Maclin could do damage this weekend, but he’s risky no doubt. Earl Bennett is a nice guy to throw in over Maclin if you were wise enough to draft Bennett in any of your leagues.

Miles Austin – Your number one wide receiver? Oh well. Seriously, the Jets pass D is the best in the NFL. Miles was questionable going into this game on Monday, this may be Dez Bryant’s time to shine. I know it’s hard but it’s smart, bench this fellow. I’d start the REAL Steve Smith over Miles if you got ’em. Start Johnny Knox over him if he’s on your squad.

Arian Foster – Monitor his status, but to be honest, why start him? The Texans can stick any running back in there to do a great job. They don’t need to rush Foster back, especially against the Colts who are Peyton Manningless. I’d feel more confident if you started Derrick Ward or Ben Tate in this match up.

Tony Gonzalez – The Falcons have such a great wide receiving corps that Tony can be utilized to help protect Matt Ryan all day. I also believe Tony is losing his goods. Don’t get it twisted, he can still make a play but his upside is non-existent.  Try someone else on for size like Jared Cook, Aaron Hernandez, Evan Moore, or Greg Olsen.

Kenny Britt – See it to believe it. There is no doubt that this kid can be one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, but I want to see some sort of chemistry between him and Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck does not have the best deep ball in the world. I think Nate Washington will have the better day between the two wide outs……I could be wrong

Start ‘Em

Matthew Stafford – His quarterback rating in the preseason was 154.7! Stafford will not get hurt this year or in this game. The Lions are a pass first offense because they can be. Start this guy with mo’ confidence.

Mario Manningham – You gotta love Manningham’s upside. Washington’s pass defense, not so good.

Reggie Bush – Daniel Thomas is out, Larry Johnson got picked up again by the Dolphins. Anything to get the ball out of Chad Henne’s hands is a good thing. Reggie provides a spark and they will give him what he has been longing for – the ROCK! Let’s go Reggie!

Lions Defense – Oh boy. Just trust me on this one.

Greg Olsen – He has to get the ball. Usually rookie quarterbacks don’t go through their progressions and tend to eye up their number one and two targets before delivering them the ball. Olsen is such an athlete that he will make a nice play or two for ya.

Steve Smith – Ya gotta get this guy the ball, no matter how. I’d say Steve Smith is a safe 10 points.

Cardinals Defense – Even if Steve Smith or Greg Olsen make plays, they won’t make enough to want to bench the Cardinals defense. How many points will the Panthers score even if they do move the ball?

Johnny Knox – There are plenty of balls to go around in Mike Martz’s offense no matter who is first on the depth chart. Mr.Knox is fast and is a great route runner. You gotta like his upside.

Scariest Starts of the Week – FELIX JONES and TONY ROMO – I’m not going to say sit them, but don’t be surprised if they don’t do well.
















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